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Sitting crossed-leg or lying on your back, relax your arms and legs, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, allowing your stomach to rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Breathe deeply for about two minutes, until you start to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Imagine that you’re walking in the forest. You were with your friends but suddenly you lost them. You are alone and it is starting to get darker. You can contemplate the sunset and the birds flying back to their nests, but you don’t know where you are. You’re carrying a heavy backpack and you’re exhausted. You want to go home and don’t know what to do. Fear arises because there’s nobody else around to help you find your way back. You decide to stand on a big stone and breathe deeply so you can relax for a few seconds hoping to find a solution to this problem. Your sceptical mind cooperates because it doesn’t have any other option, and you’re so tired, that your mind doesn’t want to argue. Your heart rate has increased because of the anxiety, but that mindful breathing you learnt on that yoga class has brought something new:

- This a popular mountain, someone will come soon and help you out, don’t worry! - a subtle voice whispers bringing some kind of serenity to your fearful mind.

You decide to follow this instruction and focus your attention on your breathing and that lovely sunset emerging in front of you. Nature seems to flow in complete harmony (if it wasn’t for this stressful situation).

-You are part of nature and you need to learn how to trust it.- the voice declares with kindness and authority at the same time.

The moon is shining now, you hear a noise from the bushes, and right when you thought the worst would happen, you hear your friends calling you! Listen to them! They have been looking for you all this time. You follow their voices and realise you were never lost, you just had to experience this fearful situation to get in contact with your intuition and true-self.

We need to learn how to listen to this natural intuition in order to let go of fear and make the right decisions at the right time. We need to make a greater contribution to this society, being aware of the roles we play as human beings on this delicate planet. A planet we all need to take care of.

Breathe once and again and feel your physical body resting wherever you are right now. You are safe. The sensation of fear was only a thought, a story… Like all the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves when we are not in control of certain situations. Intuition is part of nature. Are you ready to let go of fear now?

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