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The Art of Being Your True Self (beyond job titles & other roles in society)...

It doesn't matter if we're talking about being an employee of your own business or part of a popular multi-national organisation. Job titles, professions and occupations tend to define our lifestyle and social status. Modern society defines you for so many superficial aspects. Of course, your innate skills and talents form part of your essence as a human being, but do they really define you? or only distract you from recognising the presence of your true self when nobody is interacting with you?

I've spent the past 4 years freelancing and went through a period of anxiety because I didn't find a permanent position as a marketer in Ireland. I worked as an aupair at the beginning and I enjoyed the experience, but the permanent job (40 hours a week and salary based) didn't seem to become a reality for me. I've continued applying to positions that I like, going to interviews, etc. But I no longer depend on their answer to feel good or bad about my life (golden star for me!).

This type of situations challenge you and can make you go through an identity crisis. Only now I realise that I needed a crisis like this one in my life. Even though not having a permanent job and don't actually need it to survive seems like a good life, it really challenges you! It can become a cause of depression or a brilliant opportunity to connect with your true self. The decision is yours. 

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I have worked as a marketing specialist and as an online fundraising coordinator in the past. I know lots of things about online advertising and I'm still learning about them because I feel that the internet is an amazing tool to communicate ideas. I started freelancing for small businesses here in Ireland since 2013.

This freelancing path has its ups and downs (like everything in life). But you know what? It's fine. It has given me the time to explore other areas, like volunteering for charities and learning new skills and ways of communication, but it has also helped me to confront my own identity state without the distraction of a full-time job and the social status that comes with it. This doesn't mean that I will never assume a role like that in the future, but if I do, I will be more clear about who I really I'm beyond my job title.
I've always like to write stories and read books about spiritual growth and mindfulness... but this doesn't seem to give you a permanent employment like many people would expect you to have because is the "normal" thing to look for. Right? Well, this might change. I'm about to finish my yoga teacher training and this occupation might become my new full/part time job (or not). At this point of my life, I finally learned that nobody needs an employment or job role to define themselves. Of course, you can play with your skills or build new ones, but they don't have to define your true self.

The good news is: You can be whomever you want to be. You build your reality day by day using your thoughts and determination to act and achieve those things you want in your life. You can listen to your inner-self in silence. Follow those things that make you smile from inside using your creativity, even if that doesn't give you a job title, it doesn't matter. Just focus on your breath and ask for divine help. Practice yoga (on and off the mat) or any other activity that connects you with your inner-self. The answer will come in form of intuition, wisdom and even as a crisis like the one I went through. But don't worry. It will be fine. You have the potential within you! Keep looking inward and you will find it in all the aspects of your life at some point :)


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