Sunday, 7 August 2016

Choose goods/services, choose wisely!

I've been thinking about how often we choose a brand because everybody knows it or because it's "sign" of exclusivity or good quality. It's the way the world seems to work, but it's not always like that... Sometimes well-known brands sell terrible products or services!

I recently discovered many handmade products sold by independent sellers. People like you and me, trying to sell their own creations/goods. I used to buy most things on Amazon, but I've started checking other websites like - etc.

Now, I want to start making my own goods or buy them from people who are making an individual effort to sell them. Most of these people (small business owners) are following their love and passion for something. That's the kind of products and services I'd like to promote and buy from now on.

I've recently decided to buy products from 3 sellers on Etsy: DaisyChainCrafts, ButterFlyDawnAroma and LittlePumpkin Store. These are amazing online shops and I feel so happy that I'm supporting them. Many independent sellers (in Ireland and over the world) need our support. Especially if they sell eco-friendly, sustainable goods or even spiritual/healing services (like Susan who is an amazing Reiki healer in Ireland. This is her website

The online shop I promote myself is YoaGirl on Etsy Here, the idea is to sell organic T-shirts inspired by mindfulness, yoga, healing, and meditation.

The message: Breath Deeply and Let go of fear! 

This message means a lot to me because that's what I'm working on every day! I'm sure this is something many people can relate to. We all need to remember that things happen for a reason, we need to trust the universe and let go of fear!

Visit to order yours!
I'm an online marketer and I love blogging. I've decided I'm gonna use my skills for good causes, promoting businesses that really matters or have a special meaning to me.

Even if your business is not related to sustainability, healing or awakening, there are other type of businesses which also help people improving their life and career, like designed for foreigns who wish to learn English from home. I do know the importance of *that* for non-English speakers. I also need to improve my English skills every day because my first language is Spanish, so I'm happy to promote this website too.

Today I'm writing about this topic and mentioning these businesses because I really like them. I just want to spread the word about small businesses (not big corporations). Sellers who deserve to be mentioned and promoted because they make a change in today's society

Well done to all of you!

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