Saturday, 23 July 2016

Rediscovering fashion, furniture, paint & cycling at The Rediscovery Centre!

Last weekend I went to The Rose Festival at St. Annes Park and DISCOVER a particular stall that got my attention. I decided to check it out and, instantly, I noticed the amazing job they're currently doing and trying to promote so hard.

They gave me 2 pencils, one made of money (yes money, but you can't spend it! like the lady from the stall told me hehe) and the other one made of paper! They had sustainable clothing and yoga mats made of reused materials. Isn't that awesome? I was so excited about it. This project is based on all the ideas I support, and they have a team already working on it. I got all the information I could, I went home and I read all about these marvellous people who are making this happen right now in Dublin, Ireland.

It's really amazing! You can visit their website and read more about them, but basically, they're leading change from waste to resource through Reuse, Redesign, Research and Education. So their main goals are:

- Prevent waste going to landfill.
- Provide employment and training (Rediscovering fashion, furniture, paint and cycling!)
- Inspire sustainable living.

They have educational workshops and activities available for children, teenagers and adults. I'd definitely give 5 stars to this people, and hopefully, I will join their next workshop very soon!

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