Friday, 15 July 2016

5 Simple Tips to Change Your Lifestyle Forever

It seems easy to change your lifestyle to a healthier and more conscious one. However, when you decide to begin, you start noticing how everything around you pushes you to keep buying food that is full of sugars and fat. Not only that, you notice how almost everything has been made to make you buy the wrong food, clothing, pharmacies and so on... It's so annoying! Even some eco-friendly brands are just a mask... They could contain terrible hidden ingredients that could harm the environment. Also, you need to consider your budget when deciding to change your lifestyle to a better one.

I believe you need to do it step by step. It doesn't have to be all at once. Here you'll find 5 tips to start adjusting your lifestyle and supporting sustainability.

1- Reduce the consumption of red meat. For example, start including vegan solutions to your meals once or twice a week if possible. In any case, if you're eating meat, make a pray and bless/thank the energy of that animal that is serving you as a meal.

2- Think twice about before buying anything. Read the ingredients if it's food, or the material if it's clothing.

3- Buy products from local businesses instead of big well-known brands. They already have a lot of money and they usually don't follow eco-friendly practices. So, choose organic and eco-friendly materials every time you can.

4- If you can't buy products from eco-friendly sources, take care of the products you buy so they don't become a waste for the environment too fast.

5- Donate or recycle your clothing if you're not gonna use it anymore. It's a lovely idea that everyone should put into practice. Somebody will be thankful if you decided to do so, and the environment will appreciate it too!

That's it. Those are the 5 tips you could follow if you want to start changing your lifestyle. Of course, there are hundreds of things you can do but we're just beginners fighting against big companies that don't care about the environment, the people or the animals in the world.

Do you follow any other practice to support sustainability? Feel free to share them with us!

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